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Why Eurojackpot is better than other lotteries?

As a new lotto game Eurojackpot must offer something better. Before all we can not and do not need to compare this game with all other lotteries.This is because the rules are different. Furthermore, the size of the jackpot depends on the number of tickets sold and the price of tickets. Normally, the lottery in one country can not generate so big revenue  as a multinational lottery can generate.

What is the better than others?

Therefore, you should compare with lotteries like this. Such lotteries are EuroMillions; PowerBall and Mega Millions. The similarities are obvious. All these games are combinations of numbers on two levels. First level is a combination of 5 numbers but from different total. At this level, the similarity is most obvious with the EuroMillions since both lotteries on the first level are 5 numbers from 50. In the Powerball first level is 5 numbers from 59. In Mega Millions the ratio is  5  of 56 numbers.

In conclusion, the similarities and differences of the first level we can say the following: Euro-jackpot is the same like EuroMillions, little bit different than Mega Millions and  more different than PowerBall.

Differences on the second level are obvious. Second level in new lotto is 2  numbers from 8 while in EuroMillions is 2 of 11. This difference was significantly greater for U.S. lotteries PowerBall where it is 1 from a 35 and in Mega Millions is 1 from 46.

Combining these differences in the table below with the odds of others, we see what is the best ratio.


First level

Second level



5 form 50

2 from 8

1 in 59 325 280


5 form 50

2 from 11

1 in 116 531 800


5 form 56

1 from 46

1 in 175 711 536


5 form 59

1 from 35

1 in 175 223 510


This is the first and most important advantage.

The second advantage is the level of prizes. Unfortunately EuroMillions win here because it offers 13 levels of prizes while Euro-jackpot 12.

The number is not all. If we compare the levels of awards likely to be won will find that here, albeit with a level of awards less Euro jackpot wins.

American lotteries are far behind. They offer only 9 levels of prizes.

The third advantage is in the number of potential players. Again the competition is between Euro lottery and EuroMillions. Both lotteries are available in 9 European countries and the Internet. Since there is a difference in 9 countries which offer these two lotteries, let’s look at which countries and what is their population. In this case Jackpot lotto win again.

These were the three most important reasons to play that game