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Eurojackpot FAQ

When is the EuroJackpot lotto draw?

The draw is every Friday evening

How much money will be given for prizes?

It will be 50% from the revenue

Who can play?

Everybody over 18 years can play.

How much can be win?

Minimal size of the jackpot is Ten Millions euro
Maximal size of the jackpot is Ninety Millions Euro

What will happen with the jackpot if it will not be won?

The amount of the jackpot will be add to the next draw

What will happen with the jackpot when it reach the limit?

The jackpot will stop increasing

How long time the jackpot can stay on the top limit?

Maximum 12 draws. independently whether the jackpot will be won or not on 13th draw it will be won from the highest won level.

Can I play in case that I do not live in the countries where it is playing?

Yes, You can play online wherever you are. For it click HERE

How can I receive my winning?

By the same way as if you play on another games online.

Is there a minimum of sum of winning for paying?

No, There is no. Each won amount will be transfer to your account in the site and from there you can do all you want.

What is the probable to win the jackpot in EuroJackpot?

The probability of winning the jackpot is 1:59 millions, It is double better than EuroMillions