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lotto-jackpotAs We said the Eurojackpot limit is 90 Millions euro. What is it? It is the maximum amount which can be paid as a jackpot. The first draw becomes with jackpot 10 Millions euro which are guaranted. If there is no a winner who has won the jackpot in the current draw, for next draw the jackpot will increase with a part of the revenue and by this way draw after draw as long as it reach to 90 Millions euro.
In case that lottery has reached the limit of the amount and there is no a winner the jackpot will be the same for the next draw. It can repeat maximum 12 times. Euro lotto will be won in the 13th draw independently whether there is or there is no winner. The jackpot will be won from the highest level which is won. It means that in case that there is no winner the prize will goes in the winner who has won a level less. If they are two or more the jackpot will be shared between them.
The speed of the increasing depends from the ticket sales and their price. It is one of the advantages over other lotteries because Euro lotto cover nine countries with population from tens millions people. Everybody know that how more players play so more are the revenue and how more are revenue so quicker increases the jackpot.

Now is the moment to say become the first millionaire

Is it really possible? Yes, Of Course. Do not let pass your chance to play for first draw on Friday 23 March. How to do it? Very simple. Just  register yourself for online games. Don`t forget to fill correctly your personal detail because in a case that you win the prize will be paid to the bank account. After the registration You will be able to fill Your lucky 5 numbers and two bonus numbers. The form allows to fill 3 lines of lottery. Each next line increases your chance to win.
The sales of the tickets start on Saturday, 17th March.
Of course You can buy online official lottery tickets wherever you are.

Eurojackpot promises to be a very gripping lotto game