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Eurojackpot Results and winning numbers

10 October 2014

11, 17, 20, 22, 29 4, 6

Eurojackpot Results – it is the five numbers from one to fifty and two additional numbers from one to eight. These are just seven numbers, but have the power to reverse the life of man from the daily routine to an amazing world of multimillionaire where the money work out every dream. If you’ve played with the numbers that you see published here, you are new lotto millionaire and you can open the champagne.
Do not waste time and contact the nearest office or if you played on line go and register to receive your winnings.


As you know here is many levels of profit so you can find the profit for the combination of winning numbers you have.
You can check whether the jackpot has fallen, that if someone has hit all five numbers with two additional ones. If the jackpot is not falling he transferred to the circulation for next Friday and the amount increases until it reaches ninety million Euros. If no one guesses the numbers to thirteen consecutive circulation accumulated jackpot will be distributed to the participants

You should not rely solely on the automatic publication of the results, and check them in your email in online play or point of sale if you played on paper. Make sure to check the results for the drawing for which you have played and do not rush to throw slip until you are sure that you are not winning combination.